How Much Does it Cost to Haul Away Junk?

Trash removal costs vary by region and city, but you might have some sticker shock when you ask one of the pros how much junk removal costs.

Hauling trash usually costs over $100, and it’ll be a lot more if the city’s dumping fees are high, so trash remove cost should be considered before buying too much stuff.

We always have sticker shock, because we’re so used to the “free” trash pickup at the curb, and the free bulky item days.

Some People will Haul Junk for Free

They’re scavengers, and they’re like a cheap trash service. You put out good things, and they take them.

They may even offer to get a truck to haul something away.

While you could approach a scavenger you come across to go look at your street, placing Craigslist ads are a more likely way you can attract the attention of multiple scavengers.

The free ebook, Declutter with Craigslist, explains how to do it.

Craigslist has not endorsed this ebook. Craigslist is a trademark of Craigslist, inc.

You Can Give Things Away on Craigslist

Yes. CL has a section called “Free Stuff” or /zip, where you can see ads for things people are giving away.

Post an ad for your freebie, and someone might want it.

However, it might be easier to put the stuff out, in a box, and do a “Curb Alert”.

There’s dozens of little tricks to make it more likely that someone will take it away. The Free Ebook explains it.

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