Ebay VeRO List

People are asking online for a VeRO list. Ebay is kind enough to the list of VeRO accounts. It’s at the link below.


It doesn’t include all the companies that will file a VeRO report. Not only that, but some competitors may file a VeRO on you, to discourage you from selling.

Fraudulent VeRO is being used to get competitors booted from Ebay, so if someone files one against you, when you are in the right, know that there’s someone messing with you.

This thread in the Ebay forums has some details, and it’s not pretty.

The VeRO is also used to make claims about copyrighted images and other content. The person in the thread is saying he has permission to use some material, but the competitor does not, but the competitor is filing the VeRO claim first.

This situation has gotten even trickier because Ebay now, sometimes, will  use a photo that a user took, as a stock photo.  This practice was common, though illegal, and now Ebay has basically washed their hands of it by taking away some copyrights from all sellers.

My guess is that very good photos will end up being taken by Ebay.

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