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  • Decluttering Orphan Socks

    Some people declutter lonely socks easily: they aren’t paired, so they are no longer “really socks.” I can’t do that. I keep wearing them, mismatched. Once they start to get holes, then, I’ll use them as rags. Consequently, I have too many socks. Here’s a hack to be able to “toss” more of them.

  • Last Minute Curb Alert Worked!

    Last Minute Curb Alert Worked!

    Yesterday night’s post worked. Most of the stuff has been taken away! Facebook Marketplace refused to allow the posting, probably because I had some crutches in there, and medical equipment is not allowed in their ads. It seems silly to me, but that’s what they do. Despite that, Craigslist ZIP pulled through, and most of…

  • Hoping this Minor Declutter Weekend Giveaway Works

    This was stuff that didn’t sell on Ebay or Facebook, some junk I bought and no longer need, some useful things I no longer need, and some junk I just got for free. I admit, it’s kind of pathetic looking, but there’s a few useful things in there.

  • Decluttering Vitamins and Drugs

    Decluttering Vitamins and Drugs

    It’s kind of against the law to give away these things. I think. I’m not sure. It’s against Facebook’s rules, and they’ll flag your post. Craigslist seems to be OK with it, if you mix it in with other things. I posted this curb alert, and then added the pills in later.