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  • Socket Wrench Blues

    I have several socket sets, but have basically had a lot of my sockets and handles stolen. I lost one when my car window was open too much, and someone got in, opened the trunk, and stole my best set. I lost one when a similar problem happened, and I lost a tool box that […]

  • Decluttering Email and Website Accounts

    How I’m “cleaning out” a domain I’ve had for 20+ years. I’m changing my email addresses, and also updating my hundreds of website accounts. To start it off, I combined all my address books / email contacts into one big list. Then, started to modify or delete website accounts to use the new email addresses. […]

  • Memories of OpenBazaar, A Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Marketplace

    OB was/is a cryptocurrency-based online selling platform. A few years ago, I posted around a dozen items to the marketplace. Nothing sold. I tried to buy things, as well. I purchased some tools. The transaction failed. Money was sent, but not received. It happened on a sidechain, the SegWit system, and the receiver never got […]

  • Site Review: Decluttering by “Selling” stuff on Listia

    Lista is an unusual selling site, similar to Ebay, except no money changes hands. You get “rewards points”, and can buy things with “rewards points”. It’s basically “funny money”. (They also let you accumulate points by filling out surveys.) These kinds of sites are funny. I was on Simbi before, and I could tell you […]

  • Decluttering on Mercari

    I’ve sold around $150 of stuff on Mercari, a sales app that’s designed for mobile phones (but you can use it on the web). It’s easier to use than Ebay, but the customers are less likely to buy random things there. The main problems are customer service and some pricing considerations that will disqualify a […]

  • Trying Out, a Blockchain Trading Platform

    The post has moved to Zombies of the Information Society: Trying out

  • Give Your Plates Away

    Have you found yourself in a weird situation, where you have a lot of plates you don’t ever use? I’m in that situation right now, and learned a trick, on Quora: when you gift cookies or pie, or any food item, gift it to them in a bowl or plate. Don’t worry about getting it […]

  • Giving Away Lots of Cheap Things Online

    I had a lot of cheap stuff, and items that might have gone into the trash, but I managed to get rid of over half the stuff by crafting an online ad, posting it to Craigslist and Facebook, and waiting. This article goes step-by-step through the process of decluttering or eliminating low-cost things.

  • How to Give Away Free Messenger Book Bags

    It took ages to get rid of these. I thought I had some really nice bags, but there’s just no shortage of book bags or luggage, and they’re pretty cheap. What it took, for me, was patience, and finding the right mix of products. Maybe this story of failure will help.

  • Getting Rid of Bulky Things

    A brief list of ways to get rid of bulky things.