Big Declutter in March

This was a successful giveaway. I apologize for not having photos. We had a lot of great photos. Key points:

  • Containers: had some shelving and containers, and they went fast.
  • High value old items: aggregated enough to generate interest in sewing machine parts.
  • Went through the closets and found bulky items that are hard to ship. They were somewhat valuable, but I used them to “salt” the load.
  • I gathered a lot of stuff into fabric bags. Most of that went – including torn clothes. People use scraps to make larger pieces of cloth.
  • Put out plushies, and most didn’t go.
  • Put out lots of recyclables. People cherrypicked functional parts, and left scrap. That ended up in the recycling bin.
  • Put out hoarded pill bottles. I hoped to sell these, but it just didn’t happen. Some were taken, and most were recycled.

It took around 1.5 days to get rid of a 8 foot x 8 foot area full of stuff.

I should have put the recycling bin right next to all this, and packed it, and left valuable metals on top.

Here’s what’s left over:

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