An Algorithm to Declutter?

There are several algorithmic approaches to decluttering that have been developed over the years.

One such approach is the KonMari Method, developed by Marie Kondo, which involves decluttering items by category and keeping only those items that “spark joy.”

Another approach is the Four-Box Method, which involves sorting items into four boxes or piles: keep, donate/sell, trash, and unsure.

Other algorithmic approaches to decluttering may involve setting specific goals or criteria for keeping or getting rid of items, such as only keeping items that have been used within the past year, or getting rid of items that do not serve a specific purpose or bring happiness.

In recent years, there has also been an increase in the use of technology and data-driven approaches to decluttering, such as using apps or software to track items and simplify the decluttering process.

Overall, there are several algorithmic approaches to decluttering that can help individuals systematically and efficiently declutter their homes and lives.

One Question Technique

Figure out a “simple question” that can be applied to each object, and if it satisfied the question, you keep it or toss it.

Does it Spark Joy?

This is the Kondo method: you hold the object and ask “does this spark joy?”

Photos: Is it Blurry?

Some people (not me) don’t like blurry photos. I have used this to get rid of photos in one pass.

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