2021 State of Plastic Recycling

Copied from a Facebook post:

Some info on recycling shared in an LA zero waste group:  
Which plastics get recycled? 

All 1- 7 is accepted because they are always seeking markets for material and there is a growing market for chemical recycling. (Not a fan but...)
What's being recycled:

- #1 bottle and clamshell ONLY (and clamshells is relatively new. Everyone always thinks #1 is so great. It is not.) 

- #2 all (unless it is a toy. We must accept toys are trash)

- #5 containers and various types. 

What will never get recycled curbside:

- #3 - too toxic even for chemical

- #6 foam - pieces and dirty items not worth it

What could get recycled if source separated like a drop off:

- #4 film - take to grocery stores

What may get recycled but probably not. 

- # 6 hard -  commercial collection is a no. Residential maybe but how much, who knows. It gets sent to a secondary MRF that sometimes sends it to mexico to be made into frames. How many frames we need?

- #4 hard and #7 - eh it is a mixed bag. Most of this is not moving. And #7 is a LOT of different items.  There is a desire to sift thru 7s and all the leftovers for chemical recycling. It is sort of happening, but is this truly recycling and the best option? Meh. Try to avoid it.

Do what you can to avoid increasing plastic consumption.

Wash your reusable plastic bags in your shower, or in your sink.

You can hoard clean styrofoam #6, and give it away on Facebook and Craigslist to online sellers. They will reuse it.

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