Getting Rid of Bulky Things

A brief list of ways to get rid of bulky things.

Bulky Item Days

If you have municipal garbage collection, they usually have a bulky-item pickup day. Find out when, and plan to take stuff out. Look at your bill for details. They’ll guide you to a website with the schedule.

Paying Extra

Sometimes, the garbage company will allow you pay extra to have a bulky item thrown out.

A Roll Away Dumpster

If you have a lot of things to dispose of, get a roll-away dumpster. These also signal to scavengers that you are dumping, so they will come by to take things.

Giving It Away

Pile it up next to the driveway, or in the driveway, and take a photos. Post this onto Craigslist and Facebook.

Selling It

If you sell a bunch of bulky items, and you need to ship it, you might want to wrap it up onto a pallet. Then, you can ship it via some cargo freight company.

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