Low Cost Books by Mail Order

I’m going to start listing books on Listia, and put up a bunch of books. What is Listia? It’s a kind of advertising and promotion platform for companies to pay people small amounts of ‘points’ to install apps, try trial-size products, fill out consumer surveys, and also trade goods.

Amazon and Ebay, effectively, have minimum prices below which you can’t really go, due to fees. On Amazon, it’s around $5, and on Ebay around $3.50.

Listia’s a market that has virtually no fees, so enables some low-price sales. So, I’m going to start listing my below-market value books. They’ll be listed for around $3.50 each for light books, and $4.50 for heavier books, and orders of multiple books will have combined shipping at around an extra dollar per book, or less.

For example, if you buy two paperbacks, the shipping is going to be around $3.50 for media mail + handling, but the two books will weigh less than 1lb, and I’ll probably round up the postage to $4. That’s a price of $2 + whatever points per book, shipped.

You can sign up for Listia with this link. You’ll get 250 points, so you can “buy” books for “free”, except the postage.

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