Giving Away Food on Facebook Marketplace, Metal on Craigslist, and Other Adventures in Curb Alerts

I listed this first on FB, then later on CL.

The first two contacts flaked out on me. In fact, I think they were fake profiles, because one of them vanished into the ether.

The third was for real, and they came by to get the food.

That’s not an unusual thing on FB, to have fake profiles contact you. I think they’re farming for contact information.

These went so fast because I had Oreos in there. They were unexpired, and I had a photo of the expiration date.

I keep an eye out for food on Craigslist and Facebook. FB is better. Usually, though, I can’t eat the food, or it’s something I don’t want. I haven’t yet found any food to get.

A Scrap Metal Donation on Craigslist

This photo was from around 2003, when I was messing with the JamCam toy camera or a tiny MP3 player with camera on it. This was before I got a smartphone.

My father had passed away, so I took a bunch of metal junk from the garage and put it out in front.

I took a photo, posted it on Craigslist, and waited for people to come by and take it. Eventually, it was all taken away.

Some people collect scrap metal for a living. They often use CL and other sites looking for notifications of free scrap metal. The stuff here isn’t that valuable, but the aluminum in the chaise would be worth a dollar or so. I think there may have been better metal on the ground. I did find some brass.

Looking back, I think I would have been able to sell that insecticide canister for a little money. Maybe $5 or $10 as a decorative item. Hard to say, because it’s not that old yet.

Curb Alerts: Forbidden Food

I have diabetes, and can’t eat beans anymore. Well, maybe in the future, but not now or any time soon. So, I put them out to be taken.

That above was put out on a Sunday morning, early, like 4am. I figured that someone might want to pick it up early in the morning.

That’s three bags of beans, and a small bag of bean snacks. There’s also some small electronics.

The previous night, I put this out, and it was taken, except for the wood and some rollers.

Not pictured are two big cans of baked beans. So it’s a lot of beans. There’s also some butter cookies, and a ramen, which I can’t eat. The rest of the stuff is electronics and screws and similar things.

I found these beans on the curb. They were all clean, and in a box. Looking back, I suspect that the person who gave them away got diagnosed with diabetes, and gave away their carbs, just like I’m doing now.

That pickup was amazing, because I also found some wire rack shelving. It was free, right on the curb!

Successes and Failures Giving Away Wood

One ad has been up two weeks, and no luck so far. The other freebie went in hours. What are the differences?

The chair was taken quickly. The cut wood has been there for two weeks. I’m the only person taking twigs and wood.

I think emphasizing that the chair was clean helped. Most curbside chairs are pretty gross. This one was picked off the curb, and then reupholstered, using recycled materials. I just had one too many chairs, so gave this away.

The twigs, I suspect, aren’t that relevant to the average person.

I use them in the grill. Basically, you just make charcoal with them. These aren’t that great for charcoal, but you get some time on the flames. You can use the big flames to roast chiles.

Scavenger to Scavenger Lot

These took a couple weeks to go, but they eventually went.

This one was kind of designed for a “diy makerscavenger. I gathered broken electronics, because they have parts on them that, individually, are kind of valuable (10 cents to a dollar).

The screwdriver was good. I think that leather thing contained a USB thumb drive. The Rolaids were new. The knitted coasters were leftover from a box I purchased – for the box, which was collectible – and had Etsy appeal. The film was some random photo.

To the right person, this sparse box said “money”.

This box below was also put out:

It was more junk. I hoarded the pill bottles to see if they’d be taken: they were!

The teapot went, of course. (Don’t buy teapots to resell – they’re high risk, and low demand.) I’m not sure if the batteries were taken, but you can recharge them.

More Metal in the Free Pile

I picked these from my neighbor. I thought I’d like the chairs, but did not. So, out they went. They got taken, because the aluminum is scrappable – but they may have wanted the chairs, as chairs.

The ad I used for this was:

Miscellaneous things. See the photos for the current inventory. I will update frequently, and keep adding things.

Take what you want. “thank you” to everyone who took stuff.

…//list of things//

Updated 5:00pm, 6/20
// address inserted here // on the wall to the right. It’s in the boxes. Bring a flashlight. You can take the boxes to carry the stuff, but don’t leave stuff outside of a box.

That was not a great ad.

Second Summer Giveaway

This was a lot of bulkier stuff.

Everything except the nightstand/media center was taken.

First was a set of plastic drawers, which aren’t in the phot.

The VCRs went. They just vanished. I listed them as broken, in the ad, but they went. The heads are worth a few dollars, and you can scavenge them for parts.

The plastic mat just vanished one day.

Someone inquired about the wood boxes, and took them. These were boxes I had scavenged, with the intent of using them as boxes for inventory storage. They were just kind of heavy, and needed some work, but they had really good plywood sides, and had glued finger joints, not nails. They were seriously good construction, so I took a close-up photo of the joints for the ad. It still took months to get rid of them!

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