How to stop receiving catalogs from mail order businesses: get off their catalog mailing list.

catalog in the recycling

I don’t like getting catalogs, even if I like the business. I don’t really read them too often, though I used to. Here is a form email I use to request removal from their catalog mailing list.

Subject: Please remove my address from your catalog mailing list

 I would like to be removed from the postal mail list.
 I am happy with your service, but do not read paper catalogs.

 Address is:

 John Lastname
 1234 Somestreet Dr.
 Somecity, CA 90909
 Customer number 02463466 

That’s it.

Typically, I just tear off the back page, which has my address, and the customer number, and also shows the company’s website URL. The rest of the catalog goes into the recycling bin.

It takes a few minutes, but this email works.

Getting off a catalog mailing list is decluttering. It doesn’t come into your home, so it doesn’t add to the clutter.

I know there are some sites that are registries where you can control the process centrally, but I find it’s easier to deal with the problem as it arrives in the mail.

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